Linux command that every odoo user should know
10 July, 2020 by
Linux command that every odoo user should know
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Nowadays most of odoo programmers are using Linux for odoo, but they are mostly struggling with commands so I thought it might help to the community to share my knowledge about some common commands that used in odoo.

  • To open terminal 

press key Ctrl + Alt + T

  • Locate any Folder (example: Odoo folder)

This command is used to locating any folder.
  • PWD

To know in which directory you are in, you can use pwd.

  • Create folder 

sudo mkdir -R folder_name 
  • Create file

sudo touch file_name
  • Remove folder

sudo rm -rf  folder_name

  • Remove file

sudo rm file_name
  • To check list in folder or directory


it will show you all list of folder

ls -l

it will show you list with all information like permission,access right, date etc.

  • Start odoo service

sudo systemctl start service_name 

  • Stop odoo service

sudo systemctl stop service_name 

  • Restart odoo service

sudo systemctk restart service_name

  • Clear screen


Clear command does what exactly it says, it clears the screen

  • Open file in gedit

to open the file in gedit from the command

gedit file_name

  • Search history command

to search history command from terminal use   Ctrl + R

and write similar word that you used in the previous commands

  • Check odoo log file

sudo tail -f  odoo.log

Log file is located in /var/log/odoo/odoo.log

  • Search odoo Service process

sudo ps -ax|grep odoo

  • Kill odoo service process

sudo kill -9  process_id

  • Install any package by command

sudo apt-get install package_name

  • For python package:

sudo pip install package_name

  • Check Configuration of  Network interface


  • Get os name


  • Get os name and version

lsb_release -a

  • Move File

mv source_path_file  destination_path

eg. mv /home/desktop/file   /home/Music/

  • Copy file 

cp source_path_file  destination_path
in Odoo
# odoo
Linux command that every odoo user should know
Kinsoft Indonesia, Admin Kinsoft
10 July, 2020
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